You are invited to RAINBOW FESTIVAL STREET FAIR 2019!   Held in the heart of midtown Sacramento’s Gay and Lesbian Community, our hope this year is to draw even more people than last year’s record turnout!  Rainbow Festival is a huge street festival taking over the intersection of 20th & K St in the heart of Sacramento. Rainbow Festival brings top notch live entertainment and street vendors together for a celebration of Sacramento’s GLBT Community. The core purpose of Rainbow Festival is twofold: To raise money for charities that have significant importance to the Lesbian and Gay Community and to raise public awareness of those charities; to create a celebration of our Pride that is pure fun! This year’s proceeds benefit “The Jose Sarria Scholarship Program”. Details are enclosed.

The primary charity that this year’s festival will be supporting is The Jose Julio Sarria Scholarship Fund. It is a scholarship fund offered across the United States, Canada and Mexico by the International Court System and its 70 affiliated Courts. The Scholarship Fund will award grants to individuals that are pursuing an advanced course of study beyond high school and may award grants for educational purposes to organizations with educational projects on LGBT issues in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The success of the Rainbow Festival is due largely to an atmosphere of merriment and revelry, combined with pride in ourselves and our community.  The event is an excellent outlet for politically-oriented groups as well as those concerned with pure fun and leisure.  Feedback from participants has included everything from successful voter registration and membership drives to merchandise sales to simply having a great time.

OVER $500,000 GIVEN TO CHARITY IN THE 33 YEARS SINCE IT BEGAN!  Each year the donation made to charity from the Rainbow Festival grows.  These worthy organizations provide services to each of the many colors and flavors of our rainbow.   Women health and wellness issues, children living with HIV, youth needing outreach and education about health and social issues affecting their lives in the community and of course the treatment and intervention services offered by these organizations are all causes we need to support! 

RAINBOW SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOU!  The Rainbow Festival would not happen at all without the much-needed participation and support from our Customers.  The reputation of the Rainbow Festival has grown to the point where it draws participants and attendees from all over the state of California.  We look forward to this year’s event being the biggest and most successful yet!

Thank you for your continued participation and support.  Please enjoy the Fair.